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We at Mid American Docks would like to introduce ourselves.

We started Mid American Docks after working for Ozark Village Docks, Inc. for approximately 18 years. We specialize in both custom-made personal and commercial docks as well as breakwater systems for the protection of your boat and dock. We also provide dock additions and repair work.

Mid American Docks, LLC is willing to work with any individual or commercial developer to ensure you receive the type and size of dock to meet your needs. For a detailed look at how we build our docks and "What Sets Us Apart" from other dock companies, read our informative "What you should know about MAD docks".pdf file.

Below are links to the various vendors and suppliers we work with to provide you with the very best dock money can buy. Feel free to contact us with any questions or for a free, no obligation quote on a dock or breakwater system.

Osage Precast Formex K & R
Monnig Industries Mid-Mo Metals